Govt. of Assam Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff

S. No.Name of incumbentPhotoDesignationGradeGenderQualificationBasic PayDepartment/Stream/BranchSubject
1Sansita GogoiSr. LecturerIFemaleMA( Fine), Sculpture30,000-1,10,000 +GP 13,900Appointed as Lecturer-PSTE (Art Education), Promoted as Sr. Lecturer-ETMA( Fine), Sculpture
2Mitali DeoriSr. LecturerIFemaleMA (Philosophy), B. Ed.30,000-1,10,000 +GP 13,900Appointed as Lecturer (PSTE- Foundation of Education); Promoted as Sr. Lecturer (CMDE)Education (Philosophy)
3Dilmoni ChangmaiLecturerIMaleMA(Pol. Sc.) M. Ed.30,000-1,10,000 +GP 13,300Educational Technology (ET)Political Science
4Durgeswar SaikiaLecturerIMaleMA( Economics); M. Ed. PGDEPA30,000-1,10,000 +GP 13,300PSTE ( Social Science)Social Studies
5Dr. Riswita SarmahLecturerIFemaleMA ( English) B. Ed.30,000-1,10,000 +GP 13,300PSTE ( English)English
6Nayanmoni PhukanLecturerIFemaleMA (Performing Arts- Satriya Dance), B. Ed.30,000-1,10,000 +GP 13,300PSTE (Art Education)Art Education
7Papori BorahLecturerIFemaleMsc. (Zoology), B. Ed. M Phill30,000-1,10,000 +GP 13,300PSTE (Science)Science (Zoology)
8Sangeeta DuttaLecturerIFemaleMA (Pol. Science, Education) . D. El. Ed, B. Ed.30,000-1,10,000 +GP 13,300Appointed as Lecturer in PSTE ( Social Science) adjusted in IFICSocial Studied
9Chandra Kr. DahalLecturerIMaleMA, MSW, PGDJMC, PGDHRM, PGDSLM, B. Ed30,000-1,10,000 +GP 13,300DRUMSW
10Papori MundaLecturerIFemaleMA( Physical Education & Sports) PG Diploma in Yoga30,000-1,10,000 +GP 13,300PSTE ( Physical Education)Physical Education
11Nayan Moni BorahLecturerIFemaleMA ( Geography), MA ( English) M. Ed., Bachelor of Music30,000-1,10,000 +GP 13,300CMDEEducation and Geography
12Lipika DuttaLecturerIFemaleMA ( Economics), M. Ed. M. Phill, NET, SLET30,000-1,10,000 +GP 13,300Work Experience (WE)Work Education
13Dimpee HandiqueeLecturerIFemaleMA (Pol. Science), PGCCWS, B. Ed.30,000-1,10,000 +GP 13,300DRUPolitical Science
14Purabi BoraLecturerIFemaleMA ( Sociology), M. Ed.30,000-1,10,000 +GP 13,300 DRUMA (Sociology) PSTE, M. Ed.
15Makibur RahmanSr. LecturerIMale30,000-1,10,000 +GP 13,300

Newly Joined in Last Quarter


Transferred and Promoted in Last Quarter

Tulumoni Pathak, Lecturer transferred to DIET, Mirza on 28.11.2022

Sunumani Deka, Lecturer transferred to DIET, Morigaon on 29.11.2022

Mayarani Pawe promotional transferred to DIET, Dhemaji on 26.12.2022