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Initiatives by DIET Tinsukia for Gunotsav 2024

    DIET Tinsukia, has been providing exclusive and extensive support to different schools in Tinsukia district to prepare for Gunotsav -2024 from the past few months. DIET faculties have been regularly visiting schools of the five Educational Blocks to extend comprehensive academic and related support for improving the performance of the schools in the upcoming Gunotsav 2024.  As part of the preparation for this flagship educational program by Government of Assam, DIET Tinsukia faculties have been conducting workshops in different schools of the district for both students and teachers. Regular practice of OMR, targeted interventions, effective official and classroom management, and subject specific support are being given. DIET faculties also provided mentoring support on the day of  Mock-Gunotsav in Tinsukia district conducted in the month of December 2023. Meetings with the SMC members and parents are also being held by the faculties in respective schools. DIET Tinsukia has been endeavoring to elevate students’ success by providing continuous holistic support for the enhancement of the performance of the schools of Tinsukia district in Gunotsav-2024.