Celebration of Siksha Saptah at DIET Tinsukia fron 22nd to 28th July, 2024

DAY 1: MONDAY -July 22, 2024 (Annexure- 1)

TLM (Teaching- Learning Material) Day- Encouraging teachers to showcase TLM based on local
context and use it in the Teaching Learning process.

DAY 2: TUESDAY -July 23, 2024 (Annexure- 2)
FLN Day- Generating greater awareness among all stakeholders for successful implementation of
NIPUN/FLN Mission.

DAY 3: WEDNESDAY – July 24, 2024 (Annexure- 3)

Sports Day- Organising spots competitions to highlight the significance of sports and fitness amongst

DAY 4: THURSDAY – July 25, 2024 (Annexure- 4)

DAY 5: FRIDAY- July 26, 2024

Cultural Day- Special cultural day to be organised for inculcating a sense of unity and diversity among

DAY 6: SATURDAY – July 27, 2024 (Annexure- 6)
Skilling and Digital Initiatives Day- Recognising the changing nature of job profiles and the need for
new skills and reflecting upon the Digital Initiatives for enhancing the overall classroom experiences.
Skill Education for Building a Competent and Competitive Workforce (Annexure- 5 a)
Technology in Education Divas (Annexure- 5 b)

Eco Clubs for Mission LiFEISchool Nutrition Day
Establishment of new Eco clubs in schools and organising Plantation drive in schools undo.

Plant4Mother initiative to strengthen the bond between students and their mothers and Moth er Eak

DAY 7: SUNDAY- July 28, 2024 (Annexure- 7)

l look forward to your support and cooperation in making this event a huge success and to observe
this milestone in education with you.

Enclosure -As above

Community Involvement Day- Fostering collaboration with local communities, SMCs, NTAPTA,
PRIs for encouraging socio-emotional well-being of students and providing an ecosystem for skill
development. [Celebrating birthdays/special occasions (Tithi Bhojan) involving the community as a

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