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About Us

Since the DIET are expected to work as “Referal Units” for solving all the Academic problems thrown-up the educational field of the district, it is needed for the DIETs to become the “ Academic lead institution” and “Centre of  Excellence”  of the district and have to function as Friend, Philosopher and Guide for all Academic functionaries of the district. As per demand of time DIET, Tinsukia is engaged in the act of envisioning the role of the teacher and shape of teacher education unfolding the coming year, taking account t of the movement of ideas globally, that have led to current thinking on teacher education. Teacher education needs to build capacities in the teacher to construct knowledge, to deal with different context and to develop the abilities to discern and judge in moment of uncertainty and fluidity characteristics of teaching learning environment. Considering teacher education as a holistic enterprise involving actions of different kinds and from multiple fronts aimed at the development of the total teacher knowledge and understanding, repertoire of skills, positive attitudes, habits, values and the capacity to reflect, DIET, Tinsukia has prepared an Annual Work Plan for the educational development of the district in the year 2018-19.

            The district Tinsukia is situated extreme North-East part of Assam. There are four numbers Elementary Blocks, one number. of Urban Block and three numbers sub-divisions. Keeping in view of quality education, DIET, Tinsukia has been trying its best to impart quality education to all teachers at elementary stage.

            DIET, Tinsukia has prepared an Annual Work Plan following the Guidelines of the Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Teacher Education of Human Resource Development Ministry, Govt. of Indian. This plan will provide a vision and a road-map for the year 2018-19 in educational sceneries of the Institute. The plan prepared through a consultative process of the Faculty members of the Institute DIET, Tinsukia. The plan aimed chiefly at the professional development of the teachers for Elementary, Secondary and Higher Secondary level of this district as well as the development of all other peripheries of the Education scenery of the district. It is hope that this Annual Work Plan will be able revitalize the professional abilities of teachers to overcome the challenges of educational environmental of schools. The teachers play key role in the all round development of students. A well equipped teacher can easily tackle all the challenges of their professions. In the age of revolutionized information and Communication Technology, the teachers should be aware of the same, if they want success in their profession.

            Therefore proper planning is very necessary for professional development of teacher. It is hoped that this plan will cover well all the needs mentioned above.